Mental Game for Sales Success

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Train your Mental Game for Sales Success

Mary Poul

Course Overview

Success in selling is 90% mental. The best sales process and product knowledge will not get you to success if you can't manage your mindset. And this skill requires coaching and practice since your body is hardwired AGAINST staying calm under stress. When you are in a stressful situation, your fight, flight, or freeze instincts automatically trigger. The best performers learn and practice how to be their best selves during the toughest situations.

This course leverages the advice of seven top mental game coaches to help you practice the skills to be cool, calm, and confident in any selling situation. The videos let you learn directly from each of the coaches, followed by my help in putting their recommendations into practice. You will also receive weekly support to make these new actions a part of your everyday work life.

Use this workshop to fast track your mindset mastery. Enjoy the total confidence you will have going into any selling situation. And see the difference it makes in your sales success.

About The Author

Mary is a believer that Modeling the Best is the fastest route to success.

To help sales professionals and business leaders accelerate their sales mastery, she has interviewed 50+ top sales experts and synthesized their knowledge into action workshops that help you develop the highest payoff skills for success in selling.

Mary's network of experts coach world leaders and dignitaries, top CEOs, Olympians and professional athletes, and sales leaders to achieve their best. With her courses, you are now able to surround yourself with the same expert guidance and work practices used by those who achieve top performance.



    [Meet the experts, Importance of mindset for sales success, Playing bigger in sales, Getting started training your mental game]

    [Design the right focus, Envision your ideal performance, Ready to win in any situation, Getting calm]

    [Step into your power, Refocus on your ideal performance state, Influencing your prospects mindset]

    [Gorw your mastery after every sales call, Clearing your path to success, Life as a master of your mental game]


  • Over 14 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Know how to get mentally prepared to win before your sales call.
  • Know how to stay in control emotionally when you face challenges during your sales call.
  • Know how to influence difficult prospects to cooperate and work together to solve their problem.
  • Adopt the number one practice of all top performers to make every sales call build your self esteem, regardless of the outcome.
  • Maintain your confidence when selling to high level executives.
  • Avoid choking or feeling like you can't handle a situation that comes up unexpectedly during a sales call.
  • Stay in control when a prospect gets you upset or needs to be redirected in his thinking.
  • Not covered: defining your sales process or building your product knowledge.
  • Completing the Take Action Practices are key to getting results from this workshop. If you don't plan to practice them, don't waste your time with this workshop.
  • Professionals who grow revenue for their companies through face-to-face selling.

Train your Mental Game for Sales Success.

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