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Pitch for Success: Story in Presentations

Eric Byrd

Course Overview

Pitch for Success: Presentation Skills Training course will teach you an EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO FOLLOW method for creating a presentation... one that is INTERESTING to your audience! These simple techniques will have you RELAXED at the front of the room in no time, enjoying the APPROVAL of your audience.

This Presentation Skills Training course will introduce you to the basic story elements any presentation needs to have in order to connect with an audience. Additionally, we will talk about what makes a good presentation slide and what pitfalls you should avoid so your presentation don't fall into the death by PowerPointâ„¢ trap!

About The Author

Eric founded Media Learning Partners because he wanted to share what he had learned in the past 25 years about communications, business and sales that can help people succeed.

He adcquired his story telling knowledge from working in television and as a screenwriter blended with decades of business and sales experience. He brings a wealth of practical, useful information presented in such a way that you learn more quickly, more easily... while you have fun along the way!




    [Story in Presentation Promo]

    [Introduction, Plot, Plot Review, Characters, Character Review]

    [Visuals and the brain, Brain Processing, Slide Graphics, Slide Graphics Review]

    [Putting it all together, Final Review, Summary and warp up, Survey]

    [Good guy bad guy worksheet, Story worksheet, Finding graphics tutorial, graphics and picture resources ]


  • Over 18 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • This course offers interactive review sessions in addition to the recorded lessons to help you learn better, faster.
  • You will learn how to describe why story is a powerful element in presenting
  • to describe the basic story elements every good presentation story needs.
  • to establish what character types you must have to create an interseting story when presenting.
  • how to determine what feeds your audience's brains when you're giving a presentation.
  • how to distinguish bad presentation slide elements that will strangle your message.
  • how to create a good slide deck that's constructed with elements to help your message connect.
  • you'll learn a simple process for planning and creating any presentation
  • A willingness to have some fun and learn at the same time!
  • Anyone who wants to be a better presenter!.
  • Anyone who panics at the thought of creating a presentation to give to an audience.

Pitch for Success.

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