Master Sales Training

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Master Sales Training

Rick Briamonte

Course Overview

Learn the latest advanced selling techniques, methods, and subtle nuances used by the world's most successful sales pros.

The comprehensive course on Advanced Sales Training covers 6 sections:

Principles, Presentation, Buyers, Closing, Sellers, and Follow-Up. Each section will have a series of lectures and videos exploring subtopics such as objections, discovery, cold-calling, competition, power words, NLP, closing techniques, negotiating, the Take-Away, social media etc. Each lecture is between 8 and 15 minutes using visual aids and easily understood methods for improving sales.

About The Author


After beginning his career in business machines sales at a Fortune 500 company in New York more than 30 years ago, Rick moved onto education and advertising, and eventually settled on developing his own businesses including full service restaurants, fragrance manufacturing, art and financial publishing, computer supplies, real estate, fine art galleries, framing and printing, construction and eventually business analysis.

After earning a degree in Business and Economics, he continued his training with some of the most influential trainers in the United States.



    [How do you fit in?, Human Nature and Motivation, Words are Powerful]
  • The SELLER

    [First Imporessions & Appearance, Solve the problem, Know what you're selling, How to compete, Emotional Selling, NLP]

    [Finding the buyer, Types of buyer, Visual Auditory, Cold Calls and New Prospects]

    [The Presentation, Discovering Motivation, How to Ask the Question, Confirming the facts, Why FAB?]

    [Understanding Negotiation, Closes you can use, More closes, The Take Away, Objections, Negatives]

    [Phone Sales, Pricing and Discounting, Rule of Three, Social Media, Summary]


  • Over 30 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • By taking this course, a seasoned professional sales person will be able to refine their skills, create useful habits, improve their style, maximize efforts, remove doubts on contrary sales methods and add confidence to their abilities. We use the natural habits of human nature and the underlying psychology to find a prospect, understand the motivation and create a sale. For those in the beginning of their career, a comprehensive understanding of the entire sales process will guide them to a more confident approach to each prospect, and hence derive a far better closing ratio.
  • Selling is a natural act common to all human affairs. Everyone is involved in trying to persuade another person to either do or not do something on a daily basis. Most of the time it's just a simple request, but occasionally the task becomes more complex. Understanding human motivation and the corresponding methodologies that aid in the fulfillment of that desire is at the heart of selling. Having a simple, yet organized template for uncovering anyone's motive for almost any purpose is demonstrated in this course.
  • The objective here is to teach you lifelong skills that will help increase your ability to close any type of sale, improve your chances of succeeding in an ever increasing competitive marketplace, and help you gain confidence in your personal life by identifying, understanding, and interacting with the four major personality types. Once you learn the skills, improving your ability to close a sale will only increase your income and create lifelong prosperity.
  • The course does not require any special skills or prior experience. Since selling is a basic fact of life, honing these skills for the professional is an important aspect to stay at the top of their field. However, it is also important for the average lay person to fully grasp the concepts of how they are perceived by a sales person and use those same skills to improve their own ability in dealing with personal or business relationships.
  • Although the information in this Master course would be more easily absorbed for someone with a sales background, each lessons does start from the assumption that individual is taking a one-on-one course for the first time selling anything. The purpose is to refresh the basic principles learned by a seasoned pro and take it to the next level

Master Sales Training.

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